30 contestants have been selected to compete in the first of many seasons of survivor. They come from all different backgrounds and all want to be the first ever sole survivor

Name Orginal Tribe Switched Tribe Merge Tribe Finish Votes Against
Tony Sharp Cats
Josh Hutcherson Cats
Kendall Chance Cats
Tyler Horskins Cats
James Emerson Cats
Ralph Scott Cats
Brain Done Cats
Alex Travador Cats
Travis Brinks Cats
Logan Logs Cats
Michael Moonchaser Panthers
Cody Tosk Panthers
Ryan Resnah Panthers
Zac Efron Panthers
Dick Grayson (Robin) Panthers
Conner Chance Panthers
Noah Whitman Panthers
Justin Bieber Panthers
Mason Denner Panthers
Arez Ultor Panthers 30th/30 5 votes
Will Dover Owls
Jackson Fender Owls
Chris Wyss Owls 29th/30 6 votes
Mitchell Dropke Owls
Dylan Phetzer Owls 28th/30 5 votes
Austin Hover Owls
Jacob Drawin Owls
Seth Jonson Owls
Dalton Cooper Owls
Tray Lovemaker Owls

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